University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota
Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Land Grant Act


  • Yearlong celebration of the land-grant mission that continues to underlie the University of Minnesota's teaching, research, and outreach activities today
  • Framework for varied events and activities across the system to engage the involvement of the University’s many stakeholders
    • Centrally coordinated events
      • Presidential forums (Office of the President)
      • Special events (University Relations)
      • Public engagement symposia (Office of Senior VP for Academic Administration/Office for Public Engagement)
    • Events sponsored by programs, colleges, and campuses
      • Emphasis on already planned events—symposia, donor events, service projects, workshops, concerts, publications, performances
  • Advisory Committee and Working Group charges: to advance the goal of a broad, varied, and vigorously engaged UMN Land Grant 150 effort
    • Advisory Committee Charge: Recommend topics and themes to be highlighted during the year, provide general guidance on University-wide events and strategies to articulate the UMN Land Grant 150 theme, suggest potential speakers for forums, and consider how units can link activities to the land grant celebration. Key contact: Andrew Furco, associate vice president for public engagement Members »
    • Working Group Charge: Identify specific opportunities to connect already planned events to the land grant theme, help shape centrally coordinated events, share ideas and leverage resources, and plan and implement varied strategies for securing the involvement of the University's many stakeholders—including students, alumni, donors, community partners, policymakers, and all Minnesotans. Key contact: Kate Tyler, strategic communications director, Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Administration, UMN System Members »